Larry N. Moehn, MSPE

USAG Elite Coach

Larry has coached Olympic hopefuls, state, regional and national champions. USAG Safety and Skill Certified. USAG PDP Coaching and Tumbling certified



Judy Johnson-Durr, MSPE, SIU-E

1980 Olympic Trials contender.  State, Regional and National Champion.  1990 Female Athlete of the Prairie Games.  USAG Skill Evaluator, USAG Safety/Skill Certified NAWGJ Judge


Karissa Cohill, BS

BS in Elementary Education from Greenville College, Former Mid-Illinois AA Gymnast


Posy Durr

Student and Dance Team, Lindenwood University.  Former Mid-Illinois AA Gymnast


Allison Thompson

Student Paul Mitchell The School STL, Former Mid-Illinois AA Gymnast

Louise Pope Moehn, RN (Retired)

Director, Mid Illinois Gymnastics and Dance

Louise has coached Olympic hopefuls, state, regional, and national champions. USAG Skill Evaluator. USAG Safety/Skill and USTA Tumbling certified . USAG PDP Coaching certified



Ashlin Grover, BS

SIU-E, Elementary Education, USAG Safety / Skill Certified.  Former Mid-Illinois AA Gymnast



Mackenzie Lowrance, OTA

LCCCCheerleader, Mid-Ilinois National Tumbler



Elli Nicholson

Nursing Student LCCC,Former Mid-Illinois AA Gymnast


AddExperienced Call Staff as Needed, Work under the supervision of the Mid-Illinois Master Staff

Kristin Moehn Bower, MS 

Head Coach, Tumbling and AA Teams

Former USAG State Champion, former program director Mid Jets at Susnig Center, Jerseyville, former Coach SIU-E gym for Edwardsville YMCA, Artistic Director Mid Illinois Dance. USAG Safety/Skill certified. USTA Tumbling certified


Christina Mead, BS

BS in Legal Studies from Webster University, Former Mid-Illinois AA Gymnast



Brendan Lawson

Student and Cheerleader Lindenwood College.  USAG Safety/Skill Certified, Former Mid-Illinois Advanced National tumbler.


Kaitlyn Lawson

Student LCCC, Former Mid-Illinois Tumbler, Cheerleader